Jacqueline Bracy, MD

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“Dr. Bracy is fantastic! I will definitely be a lifetime patient at this office.”

About Dr. Bracy

Jacqueline Bracy, MD, is a gynecologist with a Masters in Health Administration and diverse experience treating women’s health issues. At her Glendora, California, office, she is dedicated to providing personalized care and helps patients maintain their reproductive health at every stage of their lives.

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MonaLisa Touch
Painful Intercourse
Heavy Periods
Abnormal Pap Smear
Well Woman Exam


Only PPO, EPO and POS plans as well as Medicare accepted. We do not accept HMO plans or MediCal.

Reviews from our patients:

"Dr. Bracy has a way about her, warm, friendly, and extremely perceptive...not to mention intelligent and thorough."

May C.

"I was referred by a friend that she was the best and I'm so glad I made my appointment. She specifically works with complicated situations. Thank you Dr. Bracy!"

Linda S.

"If you are looking for a professional and straightforward OBGYN, Dr. Bracy is the best! She presents facts and doesn't sugarcoat anything."

Sharon G.

"This is one doctors office that has it together. Dr. Bracy is amazing and her staff rocks as well! Dr. Bracy actually took time with me."

Carol W.